Exclusive W3L Interview with the Tag Team Champions

This past Saturday, W3LWrestling.com got the chance to sit down and talk with the current World Wide Wrestling League tag team champions, Mike Musso and Rob McKai. Here’s how it went;

W3LWrestling.com: How are things physically after RessureXtion, no injuries?
Rob McKai: No broken bones, was a bit bruised up after that first match against the Lavigne Dream Team

W3LWrestling.com: It had been a while that either of you had been in the ring by the time RessureXtion came in August, what were your feelings before and after your matches?
Mike Musso: I’d wrestled a heavy schedule last year a had a share of matches this year but being the first W3L show in so long I was certainly conscious of putting on a good performance. I’ve got one tag team title belt that says I did accomplish that goal.
Rob McKai: Before the match I was as nervous as ever, Mike hit the ring first and when he introduced me the hairs on my neck stood on end. Afterwards I was just thankful it was over.

W3LWrestling.com: What was it like being a way from the ring for so long?
Rob McKai: This is what I love to do and because of bull shit and politics I’ve been unable to do it. Dam It’s good to be back!

W3LWrestling.com: What was your opinion of the show overall?
Mike Musso: I don’t think it could have gone much better. Every fan went home feeling like they got their moneys worth. It was a show we can all be proud of.
Rob McKai: Only problem I had is that I would have liked to see Iceman face Ricky Knight without the injured knee. It would have been interesting to see the two face each other at 100%.

W3LWrestling.com: At the end of September, you will be defending your tag team titles against the team of Spike Anderson and Matt Skills. What’s you’re opinion on these W3L superstars?
Rob McKai: I’ve wrestled spike before, back in the Jerry Buerrea days. Always felt he could be a great talent if he puts his mind to it.
Mike Musso: It’s a shame the two aren’t getting on these days. We are all products of Jake Roberts and the Snake Pit. Me and Spike go back even further. Its gonna be a really evenly matched contest, we all know each other so well. It will be a treat for the fans.

W3LWrestling.com: Are you confident that you will be walking out as the tag champions?
Mike Musso: We’re leaving with the belts, you can bank on it.

W3LWrestling.com: You’re team doesn’t seem to have the sort of conflict that Matt and Spike have together, what’s your opinion on each other?
Mike Musso: Just keep Rob away from firearms for gods sake (laughs), seriously he’s innocent
Rob McKai: Musso’s been all over and through a lot to get to this point. Teaming with him certainly can not hurt.

W3LWrestling.com: Is there anyone currently on the roster that you would like to face?
Mike Musso: If you’re not in the W3L to win the heavy-weight championship, I don’t know what you’re doing here. I’d love to see how I’d match up against Ricky Knight.

W3LWrestling.com: What does the future hold for you, as a team and in singles competition?
Rob McKai: We’re gonna keep these belts for as long as we can and hopefully give the fans some cracking matches in the process.

W3LWrestling.com: Any closing comments?
Mike Musso: Stay tuned to the W3L. We’re just getting started.

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