W3L Announces Plans For 2006

The W3L is pleased to announce the start of its live event calendar for 2006. 2005 has been an exciting year and it is because of you, the W3L fans that we are able to bring you more action and excitement in the new-year. This also comes at a time when we have introduced our new Wednesday classes at the W3L Action Centre. We would like to send out a big thank you from all of us for making these expansions possible.

On Friday march 3rd the W3L debuts in Kirkcaldy at The Gunners Club when we present W3L Remedy. The Gunners Club is located right next door to the Fife Ice Arena. Stay tuned to W3Lwrestling.com for ticket on sale info.

On Saturday march 4th the W3L returns to the CISWO in Glenrothes when we present W3L Payback. The CISWO is located right in the centre of Glenrothes. Stay tuned to W3Lwrestling.com for ticket on sale info.

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