O’Conor and Boddington Leave With Title

Last Friday (September 23rd) the World Wide Wrestling League presented the 5th annual Wrestlution spectacular live from Musselburgh Sports Centre in front of close to 300 W3L fans. Pictures @ http://www.facebook.com/pages/World-Wide-Wrestling-League/135460759807820 – don’t forget to “like” our face book page Results log – In perhaps the most exciting Wrestlution to date a new champion was to be crowned. The tournament had been structured with excitement in mind pitting old rivalries and new match ups never before seen in a W3L ring. “Manager of Champions” Charles Boddington had cast a shadow over the tournament by claiming he had returned to manage the W3L Champion. However with the title vacant the question remained as to which W3L championship contender had signed on as Boddingtons new client. In the opening contest the W3L Womens Championship was on the line, after special ring introductions from special guests Zedd and Saffire (as seen on Britain’s Got Talent), Nikki Storm defended against Carmel Jacob. This was a very evenly matched contest between two competitors that have clashed on many occasions. Carmel grew in frustration as she could not seem to keep the champion Storm down. Jacob resorted to dirty tactics in an effort to try and capture the title as she removed the ring corner padding and sent Storm into the steel turnbuckle. Musselburgh fans looked on in dismay as Jacob’s hand was raised. The match was quickly restarted however after guest Ring Announcer Zedd (from Britain’s Got Talent) pointed out the exposed turnbuckle to the referee. Storm recovered enough to capitalize on Carmel arguing with the referee, retaining her title with a school boy roll up. Next up, the W3L Championship tournament was underway and one question seemed to be answered as Nathan Reynolds returned to action with Charles Boddington by his side. Reynold’s opponent was Seven Deadly Sins winner Mike Musso. Just like many classic battles from the past Musso and Reynolds went all out from the bell with Charles Boddington providing a distraction to give the early advantage to Reynolds. As the match progressed however Boddington and Reynold’s partnership seemed to sour as Boddington got caught interfering on Reynold’s behalf several times. At one point Boddingtons actions even resulted in Reynolds missing a pin fall due to the referee being pre occupied with Boddington following interference. In the closing moments of the match Boddington insisted that Reynolds climb to the top rope, this proved to be a waste of valuable time as Musso was able to recover and pluck Reynolds from the top rope to execute his fireman’s carry DDT to score the win. After the match Boddington re-entered the ring and began chocking the fallen Reynolds. Musso ran back to the ring, scaring Boddington away and helped Reynolds back to his feet. Musso pointed out that had it not been for Boddington, Reynolds may have been the one advancing to the finals and suggested to Reynolds that next time they compete he leaves Boddington at home. The second Championship tournament match featured fan favourite BT Gunn taking on Eric Canyon. Both competitors where new to the fans of Musselburgh but neither was out of place in the title tournament as both have held other respected Championships outside of the W3L. Competition was beginning to prove flavour of the night as BT used his high flying style to combat Eric’s proficient technical ground attacks that usually prove too much for most opponents. BT looked to be heading towards a win as he flew through the air into Canyon on the outside of the ring however as the action continued the crafty veteran Canyon capitalised on an opportunity and scored a pin fall victory to advance to the championship finals. Before the championship finals Wrestlution V debuted a new match concept – the Golden Ticket Fatal 4 Way. The match would see Freddy Da Funk, Liam Thomson, Kid Fite and Damian O’Connor compete in an elimination style match with the winner receiving a “Golden Ticket” that could be redeemed at any time for a W3L Championship match. It appeared that O’Connor injured himself before the match started leaving the ring and apparently suffering a knee injury. O’Connor was taken backstage for medical attention resulting in the match effectively becoming a triple threat affair. Funk was fighting against the odds as Thomson and Fite, who team together as Fight Club, double teamed the popular dancing high flyer. Not one to stay down Funk impressed everyone by showing resilience against the experienced tag team. When Fite accidentally clocked Thomson and was momentarily distracted, Funk took advantage and eliminated Fite with a quick roll up. Thomson then fell victim to a flying calf kick (known as the Funkadelic Foot) that allowed Funk to eliminate Thomson. Most thought Funk had won the Golden Ticket however out of no where O’Connor returned and hit his Celtic Cross finishing manoeuvre to pin Funk and leave with the Golden Ticket. It seemed O’Connor had fooled everyone, faking an injury and taking advantage of not being officially eliminated to stay fresh and steal a win. In the main event to crown a new undisputed W3L Heavyweight Champion Mike Musso took on Eric Canyon for the first time ever in a W3L ring. Before the match Charles Boddington returned to ringside and appeared to offer his services to Canyon. Canyon rejected Boddingtons offer in favour of competing one on one with no potential distractions. Musso and Canyon locked up and appeared evenly matched as momentum swayed one way then the other. As Canyon knocked Musso out with a tornado DDT Boddington suspiciously made is way back to ringside. This distraction almost cost Canyon the match as he seemed distracted on the top rope allowing Musso to recover and set Canyon up for the firemans carry DDT that proved fatal for Nathan Reynolds earlier in the night. Canyon was able to escape the move and hit a high impact gut wrench suplex but later got caught on the top rope again and suffered a super plex that took out both men. At this point Boddington actually entered the ring and eliminated the referee with a strike to the head. Boddington left his trademark brief case in the middle of the ring resulting in both Musso and Canyon suspecting the other of intending to use the case. The attention of both men soon turned to Boddington who was watching from outside the ring. In a shocking turn of events Damian O’Connor appeared with his Golden Ticket and struck both men with low blows. O’Connor eliminated Canyon from the ring and handed his Golden Ticket to the official who had barely recovered from Boddington’s assault. This made the title match a triple threat.. O’Connor tossed Musso Boddingtons briefcase and hit a super kick to the case which knocked Musso out clean. O’Connor immediately went for the cover and with the referees count of three a new W3L Champion was crowned. As Boddington and O’Connor began to celebrate in the ring it became clear that the two had just completed a calculated plan which resulted in Boddington fulfilling his promise. Charles Boddington now managed the new W3L Heavyweight Champion – Damian O’Connor.

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