Full Results from our May Events

This past weekend was touted by many as the biggest weekend of wrestling to ever hit Scotland, most are agreeing that it lived up to the hype with fantastic nights of action for both Clash of the Titans in Stirling and W3L Live in Musselburgh. Over 500 fans turned out to support the events and we would like to thank them all for their continued support!

Full Results from Stirling :-

All the pics from Clash of the Titans now up over at http://www.facebook.com/pages/W3L-SWA/178337052277686 – check them out and “like” the page. Thanks to David J Wilson

The Clash of the Titans was clearly set to be a spectacle from the moment wrestling fans entered the Albert Halls and saw the entrance way with 2 big screens, W3L and SWA logos which where also hanging from the busy balcony along with the Clash of the Titans banner itself. The crew where also dressed in full roman attire and the camera’s where ready to roll capturing the event which will be released soon on DVD (stay tuned to W3Lwrestling.com) – visually the set up in the Albert Halls made for a fantastic back drop for the action that would follow.

The opening contest was a fast paced affair with “Reaver” Taylor Bryden challenging Martin Kirby. Bryden has gone on record stating he saw this contest as a chance to “make an impact” and went on to do just that, picking up the win after hitting the “Paradise Kiss” and scoring a pin fall on Kirby.

SWA and W3L number one contenders would then “Clash” as Mikey Whiplash and Mike Musso squared off for the first time. Musso managed to over power Whiplash in the early stages however Whiplash took control after superplexing Musso from the top rope. Musso fought back and began attempting to hook Whiplash up for his firemans carry DDT which has spelled the end for Musso’s opponents in recent months. Out of no where Whiplash reversed a pinning combination and using the ropes for leverage pinned Musso and picked up a controversial victory.

Next we made history at Clash of the Titans with the first ever Ladies Ladder match. Sara appeared on the big screen before the match in an interview where she insisted that she was the W3L Womens Champion and the match should not have been taking place. This match got ugly quickly with the two accomplished female grapplers brawling on the stage. Storm used the ladder to her advantage nailing Sara with a cross body from high above the ring and latter using the extra height to hit a devastating tornado DDT. Storm however would find herself trapped in a Texas clover leaf submission which Sara held onto before making a bid to climb the ladder and snatch the W3L Womens Championship belt. Storm however managed to recover enough to tip the ladder, and Sara, over the top rope. This was enough to keep the vicious former champion down and Nikki was able to climb the ladder and grab the W3L womens gold eliminating any question as to who is the undisputed W3L Womens Champion.

Clash of the Titans continued its history making in the following contest which saw the W3L and SWA tag team titles unified. W3L champions Adam Shame and Eric Canyon took on the SWA champions Weapons of Mass Destruction (John “The Bomb” Graham and Nathan Black). This match descended into chaos with the 4 wrestlers brawling all over the Albert Halls, Eric and Adam managed to put up a strong fight against powerhouse WMD’s, at one stage even smashing Black through an ironing board! The power of the WMD’s proved to be too much for A+E as a spring board power bomb combo saw the WMD’s become the first ever undisputed unified Scottish Tag Team Champions.

Damian O’Conor then defended the W3L Championship against World Of Sport star Johnny Kidd. O’Connor was accompanied by “Handsome” Jam O’Mally who would serve as O’Conors equaliser for the experience he was giving up against the more veteran challenger. O’Conor was dazzled by Kidd’s technical wrestling abilities but managed to take control after catching Kidd in an attempted cross body. Frustrated at not being able to put the wiley veteran away O’Conor almost lost his title as Kidd rolled up the champion. Thankfully for the champion his manager O’Mally interfered with the referees count allowing in the confusion O’Conor to strike Kidd with the W3L title belt and retain his championship.

Finally Joe Coffey who has been on a roll across Scotland took on NJPW’s Fergal Devitt, Devitt picked up the win in what was a hard fought battle.

Full Results from Musselburgh :-

In the opening contest which would determine which W3L star would have the opportunity to tackle World Of Sport star Johnny Kidd, Nathan Reynolds took on “The Reaver” Taylor Bryden. This match did not last long as “The Reaver”in a very uncharacteristic move struck Reynolds bellow the belt to score a quick win. It appeared Bryden was taking no prisoners in his pursuit for an opportunity at success.

Martin Kirby then clashed with Mike Musso. Musso, aggravated from his loss the previous night and at Kirby’s abusive comments to the loyal Musselburgh fans, began the match aggressively. Knocking Kirby around the ring and striking him with his trade mark knee lifts. Kirby looked to be trapped in Musso’s fireman’s carry DDT however managed to escape the ring and turn the tables on Mike by taking out his knee in the chase that followed.

Kirby was aggressive and relentless in his assault but when his flying elbow didn’t put Musso away he wasted too much time in going back up to the top rope for a 2nd attempt and became the latest victim of Musso’s DDT.

El Technico then challenged Damian O’Conor, accompanied by Charles Boddington for the W3L Heavyweight Championship. The high flying Mexican put in a huge effort but missed a Lionsault and ended up falling victim to the champions “Celtic Cross”. El Technico however shocked all by kicking out however was defeated when manager Charles Boddington spotted the opportunity for a brief case shot to the head that finished the masked sensation off.

The Undisputed Unified Scottish Tag Team Champions Weapons of Mass Destruction then defended their titles for the first time against the team of Kid Fite and former W3L Champion Alan Grogan. Fite and Grogan knew they had to use their experience to try and outwit the powerhouse champions however the power of the WMD’s once again prevailed as John Graham nailed an electric chair on Grogan and Black finished him off a top rope flying elbow.

Taylor Bryden then faced the biggest challenge of his career in the main event as he squared off with Johnny Kidd. Taylor surprised Kidd and impressed all those in attendance by matching and at times out wrestling Kidd however the veteran proved just too skilled and experienced for Bryden and scored the win by reversing a hip toss attempt into a back slide. Bryden turned down a hand shake from Kidd after the match in a move that disgusted fans in attendance and also the other wrestlers backstage who all have a great deal of respect for John.

Stay tuned to W3Lwrestling.com for pictured from this weekend of events.

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