W3L Summer Fever Ends in Chaos

The World Wide Wrestling League continued its string of successful events on July 1st once again delivering a fantastic afternoon of action to wrestling fans at Pettycur Bay Holiday Park, the site of W3L Summer Fever.

The show began with a fast paced match up between two of W3L’s fastest rising stars. Taylor Bryden and El Technico matched each other with mat wrestling, take downs and high impact moves. It was Bryden’s apparent frustration that possibly cost him the match as El Technico picked up the win by reversing a sunset flip but was then attacked in a vicious post match assault. Taylor Bryden certainly appears to have a new, angry, more aggressive attitude.

In the 2nd match Nathan Reylods took on Allan Grogan. In the closing moments both men where knocked down as each attempted a closeline. Reynolds took the upper hand as both men got to their feet, it looked like Reynolds was going to pick up a victory until the crafty former W3L champion distracted the referee and struck Reynolds below the belt to score the win with a roll up.

The first part of the pick your poison challenge was up next as Damian O’Conor had picked Impact Wrestling’s Doug Williams to take on Mike Musso ahead of the W3L championship Steel Cage match. Musso successfully managed to out power Doug in the early stages but, as O’Conor had no doubt hoped fell victim to Doug’s exceptional technical wrestling skills. Doug wore down Musso but unable to get a submission took to a risk with a missed Back Senton from the top rope. Musso was then able to launch an offensive comeback dazing Doug with his face buster knee lift combination. Sensing the tide was turning Doug pulled the referee in the way of a Musso closeline and summoned O’Connor and manager Charles Boddington from backstage. Boddington misfired with a briefcase shot and took out Williams, Musso then capitalised executing his firemans carry DDT for the win.

After the match Musso admitted he was not happy with the tainted victory and said it would be a pleasure to face Williams one on one without Boddington and O’Conor at ringside.

One half of the Undisputed Scottish Tag Team Champions was then in action as Nathan Black took on “Tango” Timm Wylie in his W3L debut. Both men showed up for this match in great shape with Black in a rare event giving up a slight size advantage. Wylie used the size advantage to wear down Black throughout the contest but Blacks agility advantage would later prove to be the key to victory as a spring board elbow floored Wylie long enough for Black to pick up the pin fall victory.

The main event, and second part of the “pick your poison” challenge saw W3L Heavyweight Champion Damian O’Conor tackle British veteran Drew McDonald. Despite attempted interference from the crafty Charles Boddington at ringside McDonald was able to hold his own against the top of his game Champion, out witting him and sending him to regroup with manager Boddington. The champion looked to be in trouble until Taylor Bryden appeared at ringside, apparently striking some sort of deal with Boddington, Bryden used Boddingtons briefcase to knock out a distracted McDonald. McDonald simply fell victim to the numbers game and was quickly pinned by the opportunistic Irish W3L Champion.

After the match McDonald continued to be the victim of a three on one attack, bleeding from the briefcase shot and unable to defend himself Mike Musso returned to the ring wielding a chair to even the odds. The dressing room emptied as O’Conor and Musso brawled around the venue. Musso was furious at the trio’s conduct and demanded O’Conor face him then and there. O’Conor declined and said Musso would have to wait to Wrestlution VI inside the steel cage.

Photos from the event can be found at http://www.facebook.com/#!/pages/World-Wide-Wrestling-League/135460759807820 with thanks to David J Wilson.

Stay tuned to W3Lwrestling.com for more information on Wrestlution VI where Mike Musso will challenge Damian O’Conor for the W3L Championship inside a Steel Cage. Tickets are available at a discounted rate until Sept 1st from


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