Cage Match Headlines Wrestlution VI!!!

W3L Wrestlution VI is now in the record books and we have a new W3L Cahmpions to celebrate.

Before we get into results, would like to apologise to the over 300 wrestling fans that attended Wrestlution VI at Carnegie Leisure Centre in Dunfermline. Logistical problems presented themselves in relation to setting up the steel cage before the show and for the main event, on top of this issues arose causing the process of loading fans into the building to take longer than usual. These issues resulted in Wrestlution VI starting and finishing late. W3L prides itself on delivering a fun, high quality wrestling show. Although we feel this was still achieved in Dunfermline, the above issues may have negatively impacted fans experiences and for this we sincerely apologise and assure everyone that lessons have been learned to avoid further issues occurring.

Wrestlution VI began with the Undisputed Scottish Tag Team titles being defended. The Weapons of Mass Destruction started out strong against the Better Half until Jackie Polo managed to trip Nathan Black from outside the ring leaving him prone to attack and being isolated from his partner John “The Bomb” Graham. Black dug deep and used his power to “electric chair slam” Polo and then displayed his agility by knocking down both Polo and partner Mark Coffey with a spring board elbow attack. Black tagged in “The Bomb” who proceeded to decimate the “Better Half” with raw power offence. The WMD’s retained after hitting Polo with their trade mark power bomb / back elbow combo.

The Golden Ticket Elimination match was up next with the winner set to receive a contract to cash in at any time for a Championship match. The participants a mixture of power, experience, technical ability and speed – Nathan Reynolds, “Natural” Allan Grogan, “Reaver” Taylor Bryden and Dickie Divers. Divers high flying antics proved to be his down fall as Grogan blocked his attempt to scale the ropes allowing Bryden to hit his patented “Paradise Kiss” eliminating Divers from the match. Grogan and Bryden continued to work together to beat down Nathan Reynolds until a miscommunication lead to Bryden clocking Grogan, in the confusion Reynolds was able to roll up Bryden and eliminate him from the match. Bryden was furious and delivered a “Paradise Kiss” to Reynolds before retreating to the dressing room.

Looking to capitalise Grogan immediately began hitting high impact moves on Reynolds for several near falls. Unable to score the victory Grogan became frustrated and complained to the official. This allowed Nathan time to recover and hit a desperation spine buster which allowed him to mount an offence. Sadly for the “One to Watch”, Grogan dug into his bag of tricks and managed to position the referee so he would not see a low blow delivered to Reynolds, this allowed Grogan to score a tainted victory and capture the Golden Ticket. Time will tell if Grogan is able to become the second person to successfully cash in and win the W3L Championship.

A huge opportunity lay ahead for El Technico as he was set to go one and one with accomplished seasoned wrestler Mikey Whiplash. Whiplash’s experience looked to be overwhelming El Technico in the early stages as he was grounded quickly after attempting some of his trademark high flying offence. The pale Mexican had a lot more fight in him as he managed to stop Whiplashes assault in its tracks with a flying dropkick followed by a flurry of offence. A hurricanrana from the middle rope proved to be a trip to the well once to often as Whiplash was able to counter and send Technico crashing down to the mat. Whiplash was then shocked when his firemans carry driver and flying elbow was not enough to finish El Technico, so shocked he appeared to waste time by expressing his frustration in the ring. Setting up El Technico for a suplex Whiplash found himself tied in a “small package” pinning combination as El Technico scored the upset of the evening by pinning Whiplashes shoulders to the mat for a count of three.

The Steel Cage was then constructed for the first of two title matches as Nikki Storm prepared to defend her W3L Womens Championship against former champion Sara. Sara took full advantage of the “no disqualification” stipulation that is a bi-product of Steel Cage matches by producing a pair of handcuffs and attempting to trap Nikki Storm. At one stage it looked like a new champion would be crowned as Sara delivered a vicious “chick kick” with storm only just managing to raise her shoulder. Storm however proved her toughness by recovering enough to hit a tornado DDT from the top rope to finally defeat Sara in the middle of the ring to retain her title.

It was then time for the main event as Damian O’Conor was slated to defend the W3L Heavyweight Championship against Mike Musso for the final time in a definitive setting – the steel cage. O’Conor was accompanied by Handsome Jam O’Mally for this title defence. O’Mally began the match inside the cage with O’Conor causing a distraction that allowed O’Conor to jump Musso from behind. Musso quickly turned the tables and chased O’Mally out of the cage, slamming the door shut to finally have the W3L Champion in a “one on one” scenario. Musso launched a barrage of offence against his Irish nemesis but climbing the top rope proved a mistake as O’Conor was able to hit the ropes causing Musso to loose his balance and land in a compromising position.

O’Conor immediately seized the opportunity to inflict maximum damage on his challenger by super plexing Musso to the mat. O’Conor repeatedly tried to end the match and escape the cage by covering Musso who continuously kicked out. O’Conor tried to use the cage to his full advantage sending Musso flying into each side. Sensing Musso was incapacitated O’Conor attempted a double stomp from the top rope. Musso rolled out of harms way just in time and delivered his own top rope attack with a patented flying elbow and a flurry of offence following.

The closing moments of this Championship match saw Musso at hit his fire man’s carry DDT but for the first time since Musso began using the manoeuvre this was not enough to end the championship reign of O’Conor. Musso went for the move a second time however out of total desperation O’Conor struck Musso below the belt and hit a Death Valley Driver. O’Conor was next to be shocked as Musso kicked out. Summoning for a chair from O’Mally proved to be a mistake as Musso returned the unpleased blow to Irishmans lower region and used the chair to hit a 2nd DDT that would be sure to have finished O’Connor was it not for O’Mally breaking into the cage to stop the 3 count by taking out the referee.

Musso attempted to fight off both men but fell victim to a vicious kick from O’Conor. O’Mally was there to revive the official as the Dunfermline crowd looked on in horror but then erupted as Musso kicked out and began fighting to his feet. As O’Conor argued with the official Jam attempted to hold Musso down but was picked up by the challenger and launched at the champion. After absorbing the impact of a flying O’Mally O’Conor was then destroyed by the impact of a third firemans carry DDT which spelled the end of his title reign as Mike Musso was crowned once again the W3L Heavyweight Champion.

Despite the logistical issues regarding time, the W3L fans seemed to love every moment of Wrestlution VI. As a special treat we can confirm that each match will be aired on the W3L official You Tube page in the coming weeks.

In quick results from the following evenings card in Elgin (22/09/12)

-“The Very Good” E.G. Mackie defeated Luke Windsor

-Nathan Black defeted Live Wire

-“Bulgarian Baker” Bozidar Banimeer was disqualified against Mike Musso for the W3L Championship after delivering a low blow

-“The Reaver” Taylor Bryden defeated CJ Hunter

– Mike Musso, Live Wire and E.G Mackie defeated Luke Windsor, Bozidar Branimeer and Nathan Black

Stay tuned to for pictures from the events and news on 2 exciting additional tour dates to be added for this November!

weekend of action! Come and support the World Wide Wrestling League this weekend!

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