“Natural” Allan Grogan once again W3L Champion!

After a 6 year wait Allan Grogan is once again W3L Heavyweight Champion after “Cashing In” his Golden Ticket at a W3L Live event this past Sunday in Leven.

Grogan first appeared earlier in the afternoon where he re-united with former manager Sara and defeated the “Very Good” Mr Euan G Mackie. Later in the afternoon W3L Heavyweight Champion Mike Musso teamed with Wrestlution No 1. Contender Nathan Reynolds to challenge BMW for the W3L Tag Team Chapionships.

Grogan’s re alliance with Sara paid off as she distracted Reynolds allowing Grogan to sneak up and handcuff Reynolds to the ring post. Musso then faced a two on one beat down at the hands of the Tag Team Champions who after picking up the win where PAID OFF by Grogan to deliver more punishment to the fallen champion.

Reynolds who had previously stopped Grogan from “Cashing in” when Mike was in vulnerable positions, could do nothing but look on as Grogan handed over his ticket and superkicked his way to a 2nd W3L Championship reign.

In full results from the weekend –

Grangemouth 10.05.13

Nathan Reynolds def. Luke Maynard Smith
Nathan Black def. Vortex
Mike Musso retained the W3L Championship against Mikey Whiplash
Miss Viper def. Leah Von Dutch
Robbie Brookside def. “Reaver” Taylor Bryden

Edinburgh 11.05.13

Vortex def. Taylor Bryden
Joe Coffey def. Nathan Reynolds
Nathan Black def. Dickie Divers
Mike Musso retained the W3L Championship against Eric Canyon
Sara and Robbie Brookside def. Mikey Whiplash and Leah Von Dutch

Leven 12.05.13

Robbie Brookside def. Nathan Black
King Liam def. Vortex
Allan Grogan w/ Sara def. “The Very Good” Mr Euan G Mackie
Queen Carmel retained the W3L Championship against Leah Von Dutch
BMW retained the W3L Tag Team Championships against Mike Musso and Nathan Reynolds
Allan Grogan cashed in the Golden Ticket to defeat Mike Musso for the W3L Heavyweight Championship

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We are certainly on the road to Wrestlution VII @ Rothes Halls in November and with the shocking events of Leven, who knows what will happen next?