Euan G Mackie takes W3L to Judge Rinders Court!

judge rinder jan 13th


The World Wide Wrestling League was recently embroiled in controversy as suspended Wrestler Euan G Mackie had taken the promotion to court following his controversial suspension.


The case was heard on January 13th on the popular ITV show Judge Rinder.


Full details emerged that Mackie’s suspension was as a result of him terrifying our young fan base at ringside, including but limiting to screaming at them, knocking tins of juice out of their hands and on one occasion picking someone up from the crowd after they “pulled his tutu”.


Mike Musso represented W3L management in the case that saw the judge rule that Mackie had no basis to claim for loss of earnings following the suspension.


Most worryingly Euan Mackie remains suspended as he refuses to apologise for the situation. In protest Mackie even turned up at our biggest event of 2016 Wrestlution X, uninvited as disrupted events.


For fans that missed the show it is still available on ITV’s On Demand services.

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