New Tag Team Champions crowned!

Throughout 2017 Prince Asad has been issuing open challenges – without much success! At a W3L Wrestling Showdown event in Penicuik that aired recently on the W3L Network Asad once again issued the open challenge, hoping to finally end his loosing streak Asad waited in the ring to see who would answer the challenge.


Fellow countryman Saqib Ali made his way to the ring but to the surprise of everyone, including Asad, Saqib suggested that they team up and issue a Tag Team challenge. The pair then wait on to say why not start at the top and challenge the Tag Team Champions!


As fighting Champions Liam Thomson and Dave Jeremi accepted and made their way to the ring. In the closing moments of the match Saqib struck Jeremi below the belt whilst the referee was distracted by  Thomson and Asad on the outside. Moments later the referee counted a pin fall that would result in new Tag Team Champions!


No doubt a rematch will be around the corner for Jeremi and Thomson – but this will be delayed slightly with Thomson sidelined with neck problems. The new champions however are certainly moving full steam ahead as they have already racked up a successful defence, albeit again in controversial circumstances, against Games N’ Gains at the recent Summer Spectacular event.

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