Sara wins Women’s Championship for historic 4th time

In a shocking turn of events at the end of this weeks #W3LWrestlingShowdown Sara regained the W3L Womens Championship for a fourth time.

Sara had tagged with Champion Leah Owens and successfully defeated the team of Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne before knocking a battle worn Owens to the ground and assaulting her. Sara claimed that she had been leading the W3L Womens division for 12 years and wasn’t happy that for the past 3 years Leah Owens had been “stealing the spotlight”.

Sara took advantage of the champions fighting spirit by challenging her to a match and seizing the moment to become the W3L Womens Champion once again.

This is surely not the last we will hear of the war between Owens and Sara…. Sara will be in action defending the Womens Championship this weekend in Stirling, Linlithgow and Buckhaven with Owens returning to action on September 16th in Edinburgh. Tickets for all these events are still available in our ONLINE STORE


Sara Sara Kick poster sept

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