Front Row Ringside Tickets now available!

Front Row Ringside Tickets now available!

We are excited to announce that all events leading up to this years huge Wrestlution XI event have now been announced with tickets on sale now for all events via the W3L ONLINE STORE .

From our October events onwards we will be offering a FRONT ROW RINGSIDE ticketing option allowing fans to guarentee the best experience possible by being up front and close to all the action. In addition to the FRONT ROW RINGSIDE seat these tickets also include a free “Backstage Pass” which normally costs £5 and allows ticket holders to meet top W3L stars after the event and receive a signed event poster.

FRONT ROW RINGSIDE tickets will cost £15 and with the “Backstage Pass” represents excellent value working out cheaper than buying a General Admission ticket and “Backstage Pass” seperately.

October 26 @ 7pm

October 27 @ 7pm

November 9 @ 7pm

November 10 @ 7pm

*** Wrestlution XI tickets are at a slightly higher price point.

Tickets too all our events including the FRONT ROW RINGSIDE ticket option are available from our ONLINE STORE

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