W3L Wrestling Showdown 08.10.17 – Musso / Mackie controversy continues

The ongoing dispute between Mike Musso and Euan G Mackie took another turn this week on #W3LWrestlingShowdown. Musso had an opportunity to become a five time W3L Champion as he challenged contingency plan member James Scott….. Not only did Musso have to content with the Contingency Plan – which he probably expected – but Mackie also made his presence felt.


The closing moments of the contest saw Musso gain the upper hand only for Mackie familiar voice to sound over the PA system. Mackie announced that while Musso was competing, Mackie had been spending time with his young son. It then became clear that Mackie was indeed at the back of the venue where Mike Musso’s three year old son was sitting watching his father challenge for the Championship.


Musso immediately left the ring as Mackie disappeared back to the dressing room. After checking that the young Musso was indeed unharmed and okay, Musso returned to the ring, only to be defeated by Scott who capitalised on the distraction to turn the tide and retain his title.


Musso and Mackie have been at odds since their appearance on ITV’s Judge Rinder earlier this year – with Mackie a thorn in Musso’s side ever since. Many are suggesting that this latest stunt with Mackie scaring Musso’s child echoed the incidents that lead to the ITV court case and in fact has overstepped all professional boundries.


The W3L Network is expecting to catch up with Musso in the coming days to get his thoughts on this latest development.

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