Judge Rinder court battle will conclude in Wrestlution Dog Collar match!

judge rinder jan 13th


This year, the World Wide Wrestling League was thrown into controversy as suspended Wrestler Euan G Mackie had taken the promotion to court following his controversial suspension. The case was heard on January 13th on the popular ITV show Judge Rinder.

Full details emerged that Mackie’s suspension was as a result of him terrifying our young fan base at ringside, including but limiting to screaming at them, knocking tins of juice out of their hands and on one occasion picking someone up from the crowd after they “pulled his tutu”. Mike Musso represented W3L management in the case that saw the judge rule that Mackie had no basis to claim for loss of earnings following the suspension.


Eventually at a Championship Showdown event in Newcastle, Musso had enough of Mackie mouthing off about the incident and demanded that Mackie be reinstated so he could physically shut the “Goblin of the Skies” mouth in the ring. It was at this time Mackie revealed he had partnered with heavyweight Timm Wylie who blindsided Musso during the confrontation with Mackie.

The remainder of 2017 has seen Mackie and Wylie attack Musso at every point possible, including costing him the W3L Championship and event intimidating Musso’s three year old son at ringside. In order to agree to a match Mackie has demanded that if he win, he would gain “control” of W3L. Desperate to get Mackie in a match of his choosing Musso has persuaded management to agree.

On Nov 10th at Wrestlution XI in Mussleburgh Mackie and Musso will meet in a dog collar match! This match will see both men connected by a steel chain at the neck to prevent escape and Wylie handcuffed at ringside to prevent interference in the match. One way or another, this bitterly personal rivalry looks like it will meet a violent conclusion at Wrestlution!

Tickets are still available for the event from the W3L Online store!


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