Wrestling Showdown!

The ongoing dispute between Mike Musso and Euan G Mackie took another turn this week on #W3LWrestlingShowdown. Musso had an opportunity to become a five time W3L Champion as he challenged contingency plan member James Scott….. Not only did Musso have to content with the Contingency Plan – which he probably expected – but Mackie also made his presence felt.   The closing moments of the contest...[Read More]

W3L Wrestling Showdown 17.09.17 – Debbie Sharp VS Ruby Summers

This weeks edition of #W3LWrestlingShowdown is presented in memory of Edward Harris. Ed will be familiar to wrestling fans as Matt Skillz and was also known as comedian Ed Surname. Ed will be missed by all that knew him. In action this week will be womens action as Debbie Sharp battles a newcomer to W3L in Ruby Summers. Also the Wizard lets fans know what to expect from our October live events.

In a shocking turn of events at the end of this weeks #W3LWrestlingShowdown Sara regained the W3L Womens Championship for a fourth time. Sara had tagged with Champion Leah Owens and successfully defeated the team of Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne before knocking a battle worn Owens to the ground and assaulting her. Sara claimed that she had been leading the W3L Womens division for 12 years and was...[Read More]

W3L Wrestling Showdown 27.08.17 – Leah Owens + Sara VS Bae Club

This week on #W3LWrestlingShowdown Debbie Sharpe and Sammii Jayne bring their “Bae Club” alliance to W3L for the first time. They demanded competition so management have created a “super team” of the 2 most decorated female stars in company history as current 3 times womens champion Leah Owens teams with former 3 times womens champion Sara!

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