Wrestling Showdown!

W3L Championship Showdown 26.03.17 – Tag + Womens Championship + Mackie / Musso

Its a Championship Showdown special this week on Wrestling Showdown. The Contingency Plan defend the W3L Tag Team Championship against the team of Liam Thomson and Big Dave Jeremi and Womens Champion Leah Owens defends against former Champion Sara. Also, following the controversy surrounding Euan G Mackie’s suspension, Judge Rinder appearanceĀ  and actions costing Mike Musso the W3L Champions...[Read More]

W3L Wrestling Showdown 12.02.17 – Reynolds and Musso VS Barratt and Divers

Contingency Plan member Dickie Divers recently interfered in the W3L Championship match pitting Reynolds against Blondie Barratt. This week Reynolds teams up with Mike Musso to face Barratt and Divers in Tag Team Action. After the match Divers turned on his legendary tag team partner Blondie Barratt and in a show of respect for the veteran Barratt – Musso and Reynolds returned to the ring to...[Read More]

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