The World Wide Wrestling League has a Scottish wrestling training program with the W3L Action Academy @ Unit 85, Flexspace, Mitchelston Industrial Estate in Kirkcaldy, Fife (KY1 3NB). The gym contains a professional wrestling ring and matted area.

The regular trainer at the Action Academy is Mike Musso, who has been wrestling around the UK since 2001 and has a wealth of experience passed on by the veterans of the British wrestling circuit that Mike has worked with and experiences picked up from high profile career opportunities such as try outs for large American wrestling organisations. Mike has had a hand in training many of todays Scottish wrestling stars through W3L’s Scottish wrestling training program.

Mike is joined by other experienced trainers including many of the current wrestling stars that appear on W3L live events. W3L regularly looks to invite special guests to provide seminars and add further dimensions to students training experiences. Seminars W3L has organised in recent years include – WWE / Impact Wrestling star Joe E Legend, WWE NXT trainer Robbie Brookside, Impact Wrestling star Doug Williams and ITV World of Sport legends such as Johnny Kidd and Blondie Barratt.

Since the W3L began it’s training classes we have helped kick start the careers of many of Scotland’s most promising wrestlers on the circuit today. Successful students can progress to gain work as active members of the W3L’s touring roster and many have also benefited by being recommended to other promoters across the country as well as gaining try outs for American Wrestling organisations.

The Action Academy is also able to negotiate rental of our space and facilities to other groups. Please contact us via to discuss.


The W3L Action Academy is located at Unit 85, FlexSpace, Mitchelston Industrial Estate in Kirkcaldy, Fife (KY1 3NB). . Kirkcaldy is well connected by train and bus from all major towns and cities. From Kirkcaldy Bus Station multiple services run to Mitchelston Industrial Estate and Asda (a 5 minute walk from the Estate). The W3L Action Academy is located around the right hand side of the Flexspace complex (past the FlexSpace front and turn left as if you were entering the “Arena Gym” (also located at the front of the FlexSpace building). After turning left continue to the end of the building past car parks on your left and right. You will be facing a yard containing wooden pallets, take a left and we are accessible from the first entrance you come to past the security barrier). If you arrive late you will need to call to be “buzzed in” – call 07886021022.

Wednesdays 6PM – 7.15PM – W3L Juniors,  7.30PM – 10PM – W3L Action Academy. Additional access for Action Academy members can be arranged by request as long as an experienced professional is supervising.

W3L Juniors is for ages 10 – 15. The W3L Action Academy accepts students from 16 up, both male and female applicants accepted. All fitness levels are accepted as long as the applicant displays a desire to learn and improve.

How much?
W3L Juniors is priced at £5 per week with the first class free, W3L Action Academy is a Monthly Memberships priced at £40

When can I attend my first class and what should I wear?
It’s advisable to email ahead just to ensure that there have been no changes to the training schedule on your first week as sometimes live event dates can cause training times to be reshuffled. Wear comfortable gym clothing with clean trainers. Knee pads are non essential for a first session however will be required after a few weeks of the training.

What can I expect from W3L Juniors?

W3L Juniors is designed both as a fun / keep fit experience and also to prepare for the W3L Action Academy. Under 16’s should not be partaking in the high impact drills and techniques practised at the Academy but will learn basic techniques and develop skills that will give W3L Juniors a fantastic base of core skills to join the Action Academy when they turn 16.


Other info –

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